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Countdown to the end of grants and further impending regulations for landlords.

Roberts want to make sure that if there are still properties out there that haven’t benefitted from ‘Free Insulation’ that now really is the time to get it done.


All grants are set to finish later this year, as the Government look to stop grants and offer loans instead. Not everyone will qualify for a loan either.

These loans will be passed on through the utility bills and payable at less than the savings made on those bills from the measures funded. It’s called The Green Deal.

It is probable that tenants will be less likely to rent properties that have a ‘Green Deal’ loan on them, where the full benefits of fuel bill savings are not being passed on.

If a grant is sought now, then the full financial benefit of reduced fuel bills will be passed on to the tenant and will ensure the landlord stays ahead of the game on impending legislation.

Tenants will have to be made aware if a property has a Green Deal loan on it, and will have to sign to accept responsibility for it. When the property is empty the landlord will be responsible for the loan.

Currently DEAC have funding across Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Devon to assist all private tenants to get ‘free’ insulation with no strings attached, this covers cavity wall and loft insulation (existing loft insulation must be below 75mm/3’’ to qualify for free).

Insulation above that level is subsidised by around 30%, and as a landlord the Landlords Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) will ensure another 40% is able to be claimed back through your Tax Return.

This funding will soon be gone and only the more proactive landlords will get access to this help while it’s here.

The Government are also bringing in regulations through the ‘Energy Bill’ that will mean by 2016 Landlords can be forced to make these improvements or face a £5000 fine. Also the banning of letting properties with an F or G energy efficiency rating is coming in from 2018!

Crucially the grants will be gone and only the loans will be available by then!



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